Long Term Rentals

Moving to or from the Gold Coast and need a place to stay until your new home is finished or need accommodation while working on the Coast?  Relax at Royal Woods where you can enjoy all the great facilities of a resort while receiving a great deal on reduced rates for longer rentals.

Royal Woods Resort, based in Ashmore, offers a range of two bedroom suites or three-bedroom freestanding villas servicing the need for short, medium and long term stays for people needing longer term accommodation.  We provide the option of fully furnished two and three bedroom or unfurnished three bedroom villas for weekly, monthly or longer term rentals.

Each reverse-cycle air-conditioned villa is fully self-contained with kitchen facilities in every two and three bedroom suite and villa and kitchenettes in the one bedroom accommodation. Separate lounge/living areas with luxury furnishings create a warm and inviting environment for guests.

In keeping with today’s technological needs, Royal Woods resort provides wireless Broadband for Internet connection.

Security, which is paramount to Royal Woods Resort, includes intercom operated entry gates and regular security patrols.

Royal Woods Resort offers a lifestyle, not just accommodation, at a very affordable price

For information, pricing and bookings on long term rentals, please call our office at 07 5597 0650 or send us an email to: [email protected]